Multi channel hotel marketing and distribution - the new normal

14 years and over 30 million visits of web traffic experience across our various hotel on line activities, with in depth metrics and analytics to match, means that we are uniquely placed to use our fantastic knowledge of and expertise in on line customer behaviour and demographics to act as the backdrop, indeed the bedrock for your project solutions, and the management of change which your hotel needs to keep pace with modern travel shopper behaviour across all channels and touch points with your potential bookers.

Multi-channel marketing, at its simplest, offers customers more than one way to buy your product. In a world of multi-channel marketing and distribution, hotels have multiple new revenue-building opportunities and channels.  However your direct channels should be at the heart of your distribution strategy; you need to engage directly with your customers.  Your hotel’s own website should be at the centre of its strategy - and with just under 80 per cent of all hotel transactions involving a web search, SEO (search engine optimization) should be a top priority. In our solutions, we will treat your website as the hub, at the very core of your marketing strategy. Looking at your website as the core content, textual and visual - and profiling with which you engage with customers across all channels, whether in the mobile space, social media, email marketing, on line PR or whatever - is the bedrock of multi channel hotel marketing.

One of the challenges of any multi channel marketing solution is the control of distribution costs, and, increasingly, what channels have the optimal cost/revenue mix for your hotel.  Our industry colleagues HeBS put this very succinctly - - - - -

Any booking via a more discounted channel (i.e. Flash Sales Sites like Groupon, or or an OTA site, etc) is one less booking for the same hotel via the hotel website, call centre, GDS, or OTA (in that order). Our expertise helps you choose the most profitable marketing, sales and distribution channels for your hotel experiences, and to distribute a consistent textual and visual impact of your hotel experiences across all these channels.

Our project solutions now pay major attention to the growth of multi channel marketing, up to the minute customer behaviour and travel shopper trends, and of the convergence amongst the many channels out there today. Customers expect to, and should see the same profiling and presentation of your business and its experience as far as is possible across every sales and marketing channel. Our partners VFM Leonardo for example, guarantee the distribution of the same visual content and merchandising experience across30,000+ travel websites including all four Global Distribution Systems, Pegasus, Travelocity, Expedia, Orbitz and more for all visual content media including photos, virtual tours, flash presentations, and video.


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